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FBDA is a technology and services company specializing in the development of high performance software tools for automated analysis and transformation of Natural/Adabas applications to more modern technologies such as Java and EGL accessing a relational database such as Postgres, Oracle, SQLServer and DB2.


FBDA is a Canadian high tech company incorporated in January 2000 and has been in the business of legacy modernization in the Natural/Adabas arena since that date. The FBDA principals have decades of experience in Natural/Adabas application architecture and implementation design idioms.


The typical business model implemented by FBDA is to license its migration technologies to a worldwide local partners providing consulting services. Alternatively FBDA licenses its technology directly licensed to customers. We make extensive use of open source technologies and the web to deliver high performance, accurate, quantifiable results with a maximum of customer interaction at exceptionally low cost.

Our Solutions

Each of the FBDA migration tools relies on a consistent solution architecture that ensures a high quality, repeatable implementation. Starting with a SYSTRANS file, we implement a comprehensive parse of the application source code and FDTs that populates an RDBMS based Syntax Analysis Repository (SAR). Application profile reports, relational database schemas, Adabas data migration and Natural source code transformation are all then driven off the same SAR database. As well, management reports are created from the SAR database to enable continuous status tracking and ensure an on-schedule migration project.


  • I have worked with FBDA for some 10 years now and have always found them prompt and accurate in their work and deliveries. It is certainly my intention to continue to work with them in the future.

    Bernard Clowes CEO Green Babylon

  • FBDA continued to provide timely and effective support to MPS production roll-out and operations. FBDA staff are knowledgeable and customer service focused.

    James E Davis, Director of Technology Milwaukee Public Schools

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